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the best bar we visited in ireland on our trip, very warm and friendly staff and the food was second to none, the owner is a delight and a great reason to go back.

Aimee z(Long Island)

Welcoming atmosphere, with option of dining in the restaurant or bar.
Found the food to be of a very high standard with a exciting menu varying from such classics as a Roast of the Day to Authentic Indian Curry.
Service was efficient and very friendly.
Would highly recommend this restaurant.

Lisa K

“A home away from home”

The menu is so vast and caters to every taste that it took us a weekend between us to sample just half of it! I have to say I could not pick a favourite as it was all soo delicious! However the seafood platter is am absolute must for seafood lovers and is excellent value given the size of it and the vast selection that is on there. The steaks are also enormous and of very good quality!

Anna and Jim

“Excellent food and brilliant service, you won't be dissapointed !!”

Lovely family run establishment, everyone made us feel so welcome that we would certainly want to go there again. The food was great with an excellent choice on the menu, something to suit everyone. The staff gave us excellent service, could not find fault at all and to top it all there was even live entertainment in the bar afterwards....what more could you ask for in a night out!!! Would highly recommend a visit
Kerry Roberts

I went to visit some friends in Northern Ireland during October 2011 and we ate at Curran's twice, for dinner and for Sunday lunch. Both meals were delicious and the restaurant and bar have a great atmosphere. We also went back to Curran's on Saturday night for some live music and drinks - great time! Its a nice, relaxed atmosphere and tons of fun, especially for a girl's night out. Would highly recommend, the Sunday spread was especially delicious.
Jenn Bell

Another of NI's hidden gems! Make sure you dine here - fantastic food and such fresh produce. Helpful staff and good wine.

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